Fearless Fundraising for Board Members

What you can do right now to support your organization (and get your development directors and ED off your back ;) )

Even before COVID, most board members would have said that fundraising was their least favorite part of serving on an organization's Board. But right now, in light of everything going on with COVID-19, it is feeling more uncomfortable than ever to ask for money and organizations are wondering how they are going to hit their fundraising goals for 2020. I am a fundraiser and Executive Coach, and with my clients and their board members over the last few months, we have been focusing on how to be authentic and powerful fundraisers, even in the most uncertain and stressful times. There are things you can and should be doing to support your organizations right now. 

My goal is that this webinar makes you a more empowered and effective board member immediately. Your organization needs you more than ever.

Join me:
Monday May 18th at 12pm PST/3pm EST 

Note: If you cannot make this time, the session will be recorded and emailed to you

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This webinar is a 'crash course' in energy leadership - the energy behind how you show up and lead (effectively or ineffectively) RIGHT NOW. In the webinar we will cover:

- What board members should be focusing on in the next 30 days 

- Understanding and rethinking your core offerings in light of COVID

- Event cancellations/pivots

- How to communicate with donors RIGHT NOW

- What could be holding you and your organization back from taking action (and how to get it out of your way)

- How to support your staff leadership effectively