Fall 2020 Group Coaching

Pack Your Virtual Bags! We're Getting Started

WHEN: September 2020 (TBD based on best group member availability)


Is this group right for you? 

  • You are fundraising for an organization as the Executive Director or someone in development.

  • You feel isolated in your role without the support you need.

  • You have been feeling overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure to meet your fundraising goals.

  • You have been feeling de-motivated or anxious when you look at your to-do list.

  • You are having trouble figuring out what to do about a virtual event, Giving Tuesday, or End of Year Fundraising.

  • You know that there is more that you could and should be doing but you just can't get yourself to do it.


If ANY of these statements are true for you, this group and course was MADE for you.

But Why Group Coaching?

  • Executive Directors and fundraisers are often lonely and isolated. Creating community and support systems is critical to long-term success and sustainability. 

  • 2020 has been the hardest year for fundraising that I have ever seen. Decision making is complicated and often paralyzing. This content and team of leaders is designed to help you move through all of it.

  • Price. If you have always wanted to work with a coach but 1:1 coaching prices have been a barrier, this opportunity is for YOU!

What's Included 

  • Leadership Index Assessment + Guided Debrief Recording ($287 dollar value)

  • 8 hours of life-changing content and coaching (recorded and available for 3 years post course) ($2,000 value)

  • Breakthrough laser coaching available each week to those who volunteer (Priceless) 

  • Powerful peer group to learn and receive support from. My last groups still meets weekly! (Priceless) 

  • A private facebook page to stay connected to your peer group all week long. I drop in on a weekly basis to say hi and answer any questions. ($249 value)

Coaching Content Topics: 

1. Energy Leadership 

2. Understanding the primary inner blocks that are getting in the way of you fearlessly fundraising

3. Value alignment - personally, professionally, and how to identify values and align values with donors 

4. Money and Mindset Breakthroughs 

5. Self-doubt and inner critic strategies and practices  

6. Decision making frameworks 

7. Behavior change modeling for you and your board members

​8. Time management strategies and tools 


Fundraising Topics: 

  • Virtual events 

  • Identifying your lowest hanging fruit 

  • Major donor outreach and cultivation 

  • Securing high value sponsorship  

  • How to handle lapsed donors

  • End of year giving

  • Board giving and fundraising 

  • ANYTHING else you want or need! I've been doing this for 15 years! With the exception of government grants, I don't do those :).


How it works?

  • Weekly meetings for 60min on Zoom. The first 15-20 minutes are spent on the content topic of the day and the remaining 40-45 minutes is spent on breakthrough laser coaching with whatever challenges are coming up for group members. Strategies are always called out and taught throughout to encourage maximum learning and integration for everyone.

  • Calls are recorded if you miss a session

  • There is 'homework' and reflections between each session. There is not penalty for not completing it but you will get out of the course what you put in.

  • There is no refund for missed meetings. 

Price and Logistics 

$887* (discounted from $1,299 in light of COVID)


IMPORTANT: Only 8-10 people will be accepted into this program. The next enrollment opportunity will be in 2021 at the normal list price of $1,299. Upon signup you will pay $39 to hold your spot during the application and intake process. Once you are accepted, the remainder of the cost will be charged on that same credit card. If for some reason we decide you are not a fit for the program after the intake call, or you cannot make the standing meeting time work for your schedule, you will be refunded the $39.


*Additional 25% discount for Black leaders as a part of my Black Lives Matter business commitment. Email me at malloryerickson.com to get a custom invoice.

Here's What the Last Group is Saying

When I woke up in tears feeling as though I wasn't doing anything right I knew I had nothing to lose when I signed up for Mallory's group coaching program. I never could have imagined how much it would change my life - both professionally and personally. Looking at fundraising through your own personal emotional state, and recognizing that you already know what to do, but what your limiting beliefs are - is a total game changer. Going through the program with others allowed us to all share, be vulnerable, and gave us a network of other professionals that I still interact with regularly. I'm grateful for Mallory's coaching and the way she helped change my life when I needed it the most. - Allison Quast, Development Director League Of Michigan Bicyclists

At the start of COVID-19, I encountered a program Mallory was offering to help guide a group of us through our challenges. This program introduced a few of us ED's and fundraisers together to help lift each other up and talk through our problems or issues we are facing at our organization. Working with Mallory one on one felt like a breakthrough. She walked me through the energies I have and talked me through how to overcome the negative energy holding me back. She asks great guiding questions and let's you talk through some things to come up on that "Ah ha" moment that sometimes we can't see. As a result I now have personal goals and mantras for things I plan to work on. I wouldn't have been able to do this without Mallory's support. Instead of having my self critic holding me back in my head, I'm going to replace them with Mallory cheering me on instead! I'm beyond grateful! - Natalie Jakub, Executive Director at Green Living Science

Mallory was an invaluable asset to help set me up for success in my new role as Development and Marketing Director. She is a kind, warm, experienced and passionate woman who truly cares about others and how they approach fundraising and donors.  Her knowledge and approach to group coaching was inclusive and impactful creating an environment where we could all learn and benefit together.  She created a honest and open connection offering resources, tools and most importantly personalized support. Mallory was also instrumental in my personal transition from the corporate to the non-profit world.  I would HIGHLY recommend Mallory Erickson coaching! 

- Wendy Rodgers, Director Of Marketing And Development at Sno-King Ice Arenas

I was expecting to get an overall basic course learning about how to run a nonprofit. But what I instead received was so much more valuable and really priceless. During this time together I was able to dig deep and find the root issue with asking for money, understanding my worth, and keeping my focus on my mission personally and professionally. I was able to respectfully leave a bad funding relationship behind me and see the opportunities that were ahead. I was also able to not even blink when asking for the compensation that I’m worth. Our time together helped me make decisions both professionally and personally that will serve me. - Dr. Nicole Farmer, Founder + President, LifeLine Business Consulting