For Executive Directors & Development Directors

For Fundraising Executives and Directors, The Fearless Fundraiser is a unique coaching program that provides your organization with the insight and professional development support that you need to transform your organization’s fundraising reality. Everyone has a fundraising superpower which can only be discovered through a combination of self and professional exploration around values, priorities, and vision. Some topics we may cover include:

  • Major donor prospecting, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship

  • How to attract and close major donors in a shorter timeline than ever before

  • How to make a big ask

  • How to facilitate a strong donor meeting

  • How to handle a ‘no’ and take it less personally

  • End-of-Year Campaigns & grassroots fundraising 

  • Building a plan to surpass your fundraising goals

  • Creating a predictable revenue strategy

  • How to prioritize your fundraising activities 


For Job Seekers

I will work with you to clarify your professional goals and what matters most in the next phase of your career. Together, we will unlock your potential for transformative fundraising to identify the right development job for you. Through our work together you will find more focus and confidence in your job search. Some topics we may cover include:

  • Define what you want in your next development position

  • Create a sustainable and energizing job search strategy

  • Build a networking plan that works 

  • Build confidence for interviews

  • Negotiate an offer that is right for you


A lot of nonprofit leaders say they know what they need to do to increase their fundraising success, but ‘something’ is holding them back. With the Fearless Fundraiser Bootcamp, in 5 hours of individualized coaching, you will uncover what that ‘something’ is and get it out of your way.

The Fearless Fundraiser is a unique executive coaching program that gets to the root of the problem and provides nonprofit leaders with the insight and professional development support they need to transform an organization’s fundraising reality. Through our work together you will...

  • Gain clarity and confidence 

  • Lead your team more effectively

  • Build stronger relationships

  • Create a reliable donor pipeline

  • Ask for more & raise more


Before launching my coaching practice, I spent twelve years in fast-paced, mission-driven organizations focusing on people, program, and fund development. Over my career, I've coached individuals, managers, fundraisers, and teams. In addition, I've stewarded organizations through strategic planning processes and helped build capacity in every role from a Launch Consultant to Executive Director. My custom consulting offerings provide both strategic and operational support in combination with targeting coaching that can help your employees understand what is holding them back from peak performance, lead from wherever they are, communicate better with others, and increase their overall impact.


My coaching packages range from 9 sessions to 24 sessions. Consulting work is customized on a case-by-case basis. Contact me to find out more about my Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages or to request a customized quote.




If you are interested in pure coaching, we'll start with a 30-minute phone consultation which is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to experience coaching firsthand. If it seems like we are a good fit, we'll create a customized plan to help you reach your goals. Sometimes this will involve your employer if they are the one paying for services. Once we have a signed contract, you will be given some discovery work to get you started and our first session will be a 75-minute kick-off session. Remaining coaching sessions will be 60 minutes. I work with clients for a minimum of six sessions.


If you are interested in working with me in a coaching and development consulting capacity, we will begin with a 30-60 minute meeting to discuss your organizational needs. I will follow-up with a Scope of Work and budget for services. 


Jonathan Kaufman

Founder at Full Circle Solutions

Mallory brings a unique blend of empathy and action to her management that allowed me to push myself during the time we worked together. She is a dynamic director, equally skilled at program development, fundraising, and strategic planning. She brings vision and drive to the places she works.

Ariana Dokhanchy

Communications & Content Specialist

I was in a huge rut of self-doubt and fear, and struggled every day with voices in my head that told I wasn’t doing enough. Mallory immediately put me at ease from the first moment we spoke. She showed me new ways to look at the challenges ahead of me and she helped me identify and move past key limiting beliefs that were keeping me from being productive and - more importantly - happy.

Sarah Blumenfeld

Development Director at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation

Anyone working with Mallory is very fortunate and can only benefit with her on their team. She is a smart, dedicated professional who knows how to prioritize, has a vision for the big picture and keeps an eye on the details. Her passion for her work or cause inspires others. 

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